SET Extras

Please ensure you read this carefully. By signing up and becoming a member of SET Extras you are indicating you understand and accept the terms of this contract

I undertake not to take personal advantage of, nor disclose at any time, whether during my time with or after, any information regarding and its clients or their partners. This includes, but is not limited to; intellectual property, images, recordings, storylines, actors, set descriptions or any other kind of information acquired in the course of your work, without the prior expressed and written agreement of the Managing Director of SET Extras.

I will at all times keep any all records or information provided by confidential. All such records and all reports and plans relating to work accrued in the course of all employment offered or accepted, will, together with all other documents, images, recordings and papers of a confidential nature provided by, be the intellectual property of at all times. I will not retain copies of such records, reports, images or plans without prior approval from

Posting on any social media including private messages and snapchat, giving any verbal or written details of, or photos or recordings pertaining to any production you work on through either before, during or after commencement, to anyone will be considered an infringement of this agreement and will be pursued immediately through the courts by the injured productions, including

All phones and recording equipment are banned from all sets. No exceptions!