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SET Extras makes no guarantee that the service will meet your requirements
SET Extras will be your agent in all contracts organised through your membership.
SET Extras reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice to you.

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You agree to turn up at the agreed time and location if you have responded positively to an availability check and booking.
Failure to do so will see the removal of your details from the database.
 You undertake, when working for a production company, to conduct yourself in a proper and professional manner. If SET Extras receives any complaints SET Extras will be entitled to remove the client from the database and no payment will be due for work done to date. SET Extras decision will be final.
Under 18’s require a Parental Consent Form to be signed and submitted before employment on set.
Criminal Convictions
If you have a criminal record prior to becoming a Member of SET Extras or while you are a member, you must immediately inform us in writing by using the Registered Post service as provided by  An Post and addressed to: Director of Operations, SET Extras, 47 O’Connell St., Limerick, Ireland. This letter should state the following
(a) You have a criminal record and the nature of the criminal record including dates of convictions; and
(b) Your contact details.
SET Extras will acknowledge your letter within seven working days of receiving said letter. This letter from SET Extras will be deemed as the only proof that SET Extras has received your letter and that you have complied with this clause. If your criminal conviction is deemed that it could result in bringing SET Extras or that of the Companies that use our services either directly or indirectly into disrepute, your membership may be terminated. SET Extras reserves the right to solely decide to terminate your membership. SET Extras will not enter into discussion as to why membership is terminated and the decision is final.
SET Extras reserves the right to refuse membership.
You MUST provide a valid PPS number to SET Extras on request before being granted work!
You need legal photo identification to be on set. Acceptable forms of identification are driver’s license, passport, student college card or national age card.

You MUST provide details of your bank account in order to be paid. NO payment will be issued if you do not have a bank account. No payment will be issued if you do not provide us with your full and correct bank details. Payments will be made by credit transfer only. No payment will be issued by cash, cheque or payment of kind.

You understand and acknowledge that payment can take up to 2 months to processed after completion of work.

You agree not to take any photographs or videos while on set, and you agree that a production company may ask you to hand in your mobile phone before going on, or while on, set.
You are restricted from speaking to the media, posting online, including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or any other way, information about storylines, characters, actors or other information received on set or prior to being on set in relation to the day that you are booked on set without the prior written consent of SET Extras.
You grant SET Extras all necessary performer consents including consent under the Performers Protection Act 1968 and to allow SET Extras to sign agreements and agree fees on behalf of yourself. SET Extras is entitled to the use of your image or performance on behalf of the production without notifying you beforehand.
You agree that you have the consent of the owner of any photos that you submit to SET Extras You further agree that should there be any claim for copyright infringement for content that you submit to SET Extras that you will be fully liable for such a claim and you will indemnify SET Extras from such a claim.

You agree to pay for and undergo a Health & Safety course provided by So Enter Training. If you do accept work with SET Extras without having done the course you accept that So Enter Training Ltd trading as SET Extras bears no responsibility whatsoever in case of accident or claim. You agree to waiver your right to sue as a result of an accident or injury while working for SET Extras

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